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How many teeth can be extracted at one time ?

Sometimes we may face a situation where we have to extracte a large number of teeth, especially in case like Dentures, Or in cases of dental implants. For this we may wonder how many teeth can be extracted at one time ?

On The Healthy Advisor we will answer your question, just complete reading 😊.

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Multiple teeth can be extracted in one sitting with the dentist, especially when it relates to the necessities of the mind and the pain associated with it, as the multiple teeth extraction depends on the state of the teeth (such as being broken) and in one place (half of the upper jaw, for example) and as a guide to the patient's general health.

In order to save time and take the same course of treatment and recovery period that extends to 3 days after the dislocation.

With regard to wisdom teeth, it may be a source of inconvenience to the person, especially if it grows incorrectly, causing continuous infections on the gums, or it is completely buried by the jawbones, which causes additional pain when contact with the teeth.

In the case of people who do not have a medical history, 2 wisdom teeth can be removed if they are on one side, in which case dentists prefer to remove the two together in one sitting, especially if there is pain from them.

It is also possible to remove 4 wisdom teeth once in some emergency cases only, but then the patient will be subjected to kidney anesthesia. After dislocation, he needs to obtain a negative rest from food 4 days.


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