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Who We Are: 

We're a healthCare System Association strive to provide medical informations and care about everything related to health and a better life; based on education, board certificates, and years of experience in this field. Our aim is to spread culture and awareness and reduce some misconceptions. Before diagnosing a disease, we offer advice for prevention first.

Our site story: 

Since we are highly qualified doctors and an integrated medical team, it is through our profession and our daily and continuous work with patients who come to us in order to diagnose their condition and give them the appropriate treatment.

We open a dialogue with them and this It falls within the framework of diagnosis by asking some questions or in order to reduce the stress and anxiety that the patient has during his visit to the doctor. We have noticed that many patients tell us that when some symptoms appear on them the first thing they do is search on Google and try to learn more about the health problem they face And they often give us many false information that would cause an increase In the deterioration of the patient's psychological state.

That is why we wanted to create THE HEALTHY ADVISOR website to open the dialogue with the patient and allow each patient to explain his condition and symptoms of his disease separately to provide advice and reduce acute stress about the disease.

What We Do For Our Users:

  • We are here with the aim of spreading medical education and awareness of the seriousness of diseases.

  • Helping patients by publishing topics and articles in the field of health and healthy food because they are related elements such as common diseases and the most prominent symptoms and treatment and prevention and the best healthy diets.

  • The latest health news for the public.

  • We also offer the service to answer their questions by e-mail. As far as credibility is concerned, we sometimes provide attractive, enjoyable and entertaining health information to break the routine. We take pride in knowing all that visitors need and providing them with information in particular and providing them with the best experience. We wish all our site visitors a useful experience. We also remind you to send your opinions, criticisms, and questions that we receive with a wide heart through e-mail. 

We are committed to improving our site. We will continue to publish more content, communities and services to help improve your life, to help you find your way when faced with healthcare decisions, and to help you feel better health with your health and your family.